Cow Killer Ant, Sting, Habits, Anatomy, Pictures

Cow Killer (Velvet) Ants, Habits, Facts, Sting, Anatomy, Profile, facts, image, sting, bite, Treatment all details will be available here. You can read carefully and find all information about Velvet Cow Killer Ant (Red Velvet Ant) also.

Cow Killer Ants Profile –

Cow Killer Ant also Know as Velvet Ants. Mostly referredĀ  as the red velvet ants and some case called Cow Killer Ant. Her name is misleading because velvet ants are actually wasps. They are get the Velvet part of the body, very Fuzzy females. They are wingless and often brightly colored in nature.

Here we are provided some most important details for Velvet & Cow Killer Ants. You have need to follow and read carefully, if you know about Cow Killer Ants.


Cow Killer Ant, Sting, Treatment, Habits, Profile

Important Details you have to know about Cow Killer Ant

Where are they found – Found throughout U.S

Ants Shape –

  • Female – Wingless, look like a ant
  • Male – They are winged and look like a Wasp shape

Color – They are black color with White, Yellow and very bright red areas in various parts of body.

Size – Cow Killer & Velvet Any size is 1/8-7/8 (3-23mm)

Legs – 6 legs

Antennae – They have carry antennae also. They help to find the way and other things.

About Cow Killer Ants – Everything You Need to Know About Ants

Velvet Ant / Cow Killer Ants / Red Velvet Ants related to family name is – Multillidae. In this family have more than 3,000 species of wasp. They are wingless and female resemble large hair ants. Its common name is Velvet ants, because of its dense pile of hair, which often is bright scarlet or orange, white, red, silver or gold color.

They are also know as their extremely Painful stings bite. Her pain index is rated a 3 on the Schmidt pain index. After bite the pain will be reflex about 30 mints or more.

Mostly Cow Killer Ants are not aggressive and sting only in defense. As know the actual toxic of their venom is much lower than that of honey bees or harvester ants. They have lack complex social system, they are solitary.

Velvet Cow Killer Ant

Cow Killer Ants / Velvet Ants / Red Velvet / Cow Killer Scientific Classification –

  • Family – Mutillidae
  • Super family – Pompiloidea
  • Order – Hymenoptera
  • Class – Insecta
  • Phylum – Euarthropoda
  • Kingdom – Animalia

Here you check the Sub Family name and classification –

Velvet Ants / Red Velvet Ants, Velvet Cow Killer Ants, Cow Killer Ants are sub name of that species.

Mutilliane, Myrmillinae, Pseudophotopsidinae, Rhopalomutillinae, Sphaeropthalminae, Ticoplinae

Distribution in Whole World –

The Mutillidae (Cow Killer) Velvet Ants can be found world wide with approximately 230 genera and around 8000 species world wide. Mostly around 400 species accursed in the North American Southwest

Anatomy of Ants, Bee & Wasp –

  • Antennae – In this part Ants, Bee both have a pair of Antennae on the head that senses their smell, things, objects other Surroundings like way (path) etc.
  • Legs – They have 3 pairs of leg attached to the thorax (center body parts).
  • Head – Head carry the insect’s eye, antennae and mandibles fro various uses.
  • Thora – That part carry nervous system & aorta.
  • Abdomen – They carry Anus, Glands, Gut, Heart, Venom etc.
Types of Cow Killer Ants, Types of Velvet Ants, Cow Killer Ants Types, Velvet Ants Types
Types of Cow Killer Ants, Types of Velvet Ants, Cow Killer Ants Types, Velvet Ants Types

Cow Killer Ants Habits –

Here we are provided the most important things about Cow Killer Ants, Velvet Ants. Is Female ants dig into the nesting chamber of bees & wasp having nest is on ground. They lay their eggs on the larvae inside of Bees & wasp eggs. The immature velvet ant is born, it eats host and then spins its cocoon within the pupal case of its host.

Where are find and comes – The Velvet Ants (Cow Killer) Male Cow Killer ant is mainly found on Flower, other species are nocturnal.

Cow Killer Ant Sting –


Cow Killer Ant is popular, because of its sting. They having produce a pain and swelling also. They sting only our protection.

Cow Killer Ants Threats –

Here you get the important fact about Cow Killer (Velvet Ant). Female Ants have a very potent sting, So they earned another name called Cow Killer Ants. Male Ants (Red Velvet Ants) have lack a stinger but have wings but Female ant don’t have a wings.

Cow Killer Ant Life Cycle, Habits, Facts, Treatment

Cow Killer Ants Life Cycle –

Now every looking for Cow Killer Ant life cycle, Because after read this article. You have need to know Velvet Ants Life Cycle also. Now we are provided main point and life cycle of Cow Killer Ants & Velvet Ants.

The Male Ant fly in search of female ants. After meat female ant, Female Cow Killer Ants, entered a host insects nest like Wasp & Bee will available on ground or other place. The deposits one egg near each larva or pupa. Only a rare species have know to parasitize other types of hosts.

After putting them, Cow Killer develop and killing their larval, pupal host cells within 7 to 15 days. After that a matured Cow Killer ant grown a looking for further.

Velvet Cow Killer Ant Facts Other Details

Some Important Facts About Cow Killer Ant

  • Velvet Ants & Cow Killer Ants are same, they have specified by various name like its family or sub name.
  • Velvet Ants carry more than 3000 species.
  • In Velvet & Cow Killer Ant Female ants have wingless and very vibrantly colored with hairy body.
  • They have various color have like Silver, Black, Red, Orange, Scarlet and even gold
  • Male have wings but no sting to compare of female.
  • The sting is very painful and carry 3 rectal scale points.
  • Its sting is very pain full so called cow killer ants.
  • They have armor plated Exoskeleton.
  • Cow Killer Ants have strong exoskeleton that help to retain moisture and invade the nest of prey.
  • His armor suit is very hard and they faced difficult trying to pierce the armor with steel pins.
  • Velvet & Cow Killer Ants have show the large sexual dimorphism.

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