Top 5 Most Painful Insect Sting (Bite) Index Rate, Check

Most Painful Sting – Most Painful Insect Sting (Bite) Index Rate, Check. Here we are provided important details you have every read. e are provided all top 10 Insect name and its details having get Most Painful Sting & Bite. They are produce most pain every had after sting or bite.

In all insect the most popular insect getting their name its painful sting. Most Pain index carry the Fire Ant & Sweat Bee. They having carry Pain Index is 1. And they maintain their position. Because other insect having less sting pain. Fire Ant & Sweat Bee carried around 1 to 1.2 pain index. This pain cause a living death also.

Most Painful Insect Sting, Bite, Index
Most Painful Insect Sting, Bite, Index

Most Painful Insect Sting, Bite Index

Fire Ant, Sweat Bee– 1.2 – They are carry common name is Fire Ant and other species also called Red Ants. Its genus Solenopsis. They carry 200 species in world wide. Its size is 2 to 6 mm.

Bald-Faced Hornet – 2.0 – This is yellow jacket wasp species. Its colony carry 400 to 700 workers Mostly found on US and its various regions. Its size is 19mm.

Honey Bee, Yellow Jacket – 2.0 – Its flying insects and its genus They carry 44 subspecies. Its a bee and its fly. Its sting is very painful. They only sting its protection.

Red Harvester Ant – 3.0 – Its a 22 species carry on United State and 7 species found in Teas. They are aggressive on their defense. Its pain like someone drill on your body and most pain index.

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Paper Wasp – 3.0 – This wasp is inch size and create magnificent curvy. They have carry 3 to 4 index of pain after they sting on living objects. Its sting is caustic and burning with a distinctly bitter aftertaste. Its like a HCL spread on paper and provide a cut.

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Bullet Ant, Tarantula hawk wasp – 4.0 – Bullet Ant related to Family Paraponera Clavata, get this name for most pain full sting in world. They have deliver its venom or object and provided most pain. Pain effect is carried 12 to 24 hr. They have living on South American rain forest. Its size 2.54cm long.

Now we are provided some important link to check, Cow Killer Ant & Velvet Ant Profile, Its Life Cycle, Sting, Treatment and other details. We provided full details & Images too. You just follow the given bellow link.

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